Well folks, it’s finally here. That blog you oh-so did not want me to do (I can read it in your virtual eyes). I will keep blogging if you do not meet my demans- too late! Welcome to Save the Daylight!

No, not all of Dallas!

The first question was: “Why are you doing this?” The reason I’m doing this is because I have many opinions on many things, and using Facebook to shove them down your throat isn’t working well enough.

The second question was: “Why do you torture us with more of your words?” You are all masochistic and my words are that pleasurable pain you have no choice but to endure. I’ll take this time to mention that do not cut your wrists. That ain’t cool.

The final question was: “What is you?” I am not know.

This blog will include offensive content, so whenever a passage comes up of questionable tastes, I will put [Offensive] to signal it exists, and [/Offensive] to signal its end. That means you don’t have to read it, mom.

As long as I’m not lazy, there will be more blog posts in the future, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading them, only two people who are going to read this blog. But that doesn’t matter, because I turned 20 this month, so I’m a maaaaaaaan.

The final note of today is that the Grammys are a poor showcasing of musical talent (besides the Foo Fighters). I don’t have much of an opinion on Adele winning best everything, but I like this version of “Rolling in the Deep” better.